I’ve been drawing and creating my own worlds and stories since I remember, but it was in 2010 when I started working in the art industry as a professional. At the beginning I went with children illustration & comics, slowly moving towards game art and mobile apps within the next years. Since 2014 I’ve been working solely in game development.

My experience consists of making graphics for mobile games, creating character concept art, animating sprites, doing game assets and preparing files for 3D modeling & texturing. I also know the basics of Unity and SVN, edit sounds & videos and have recently started learning 3D graphics.

My work has been repeatedly featured on art magazines, annuals or website such as Balistic Publishing’s Expose, Exotique & d’artiste, ImagineFX, deviantART, CGArena, Digart etc.


2004-2006 traditional drawing, painting and composition classes at Atelier Foksal

2006-2009 Art of New Media faculty at the Polish-Japanese Academy of IT

2012 “Fundamentals of Lighting” course with Sam Nielson at Schoolism, Imaginism Studios Inc.

2014 “Environment Design” course with Nathan Fowkes at Schoolism, Imaginism Studios Inc.

2015 “Environment Concept Class” with Titus Lunter

2016 “Characters for Animated Film” with Daniel Arriaga at Schoolism, Imaginism Studios Inc.

Main Skills

  • character & environment concept art
  • prop & asset design
  • digital painting, drawing & pixel art illustrations
  • character portraits & expressions
  • sprite animations
  • sufficient knowledge of the 3D environment & modelling
  • Adobe Photoshop, After Effects & Premiere usage
  • basic usage of Unity